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About Company

Thermo Tracer Co.,Ltd.

Company Background

The company was founded by a group of engineering professionals, ranging from associate engineers to professional engineers and senior professional engineers in electrical engineering. The key objective is to create the safety of life, property, and confidence in safe electrical systems that can be used all the time.

The authorized capital on 14 October 2008 was 15,000,0000 baht.


To be a leader in the Inspection and Preventive Maintenance for high-low voltage electrical system in accordance with international standards
with modern technology equipment to create reliability for local and abroad.

Manage the organization with the international management standard
ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45100

ISO Certificate

Thermo Tracer Co.,Ltd.
We are determined to develop our quality for the best customer impression.

Our Missions

• Provide one-stop service in electrical engineering, with modern tools and technology for customers’ ultimate electrical safety and security.
• Provide consultancy, recommendations, and training on electrical safety or related matters to be acknowledged by customers for hazard mitigation.
• Provide consultancy, recommendations, and training on electrical power saving.
• Provide consultancy, recommendations, and training on electricity calculation of PEA.
• Provide consultancy, recommendations, and training on high – low voltage inspection and maintenance.
• Provide 24-hour assistance through Customer Relations for all queries and notifications of difficulties.
• Improve service continuously for the best customer satisfaction by focusing on teamwork.
• The company keeps developing our employees through continuous training in electrical engineering to enhance their competency and capabilities to cope with all problems.
• Inspect and sign to certify the safety of electricity, machines, pulleys, cranes, lifts, and boilers.

Safety on Electric Works Training

Our vision is to step ahead as a master of electrical inspection and training, testing, high – low voltage maintenance and design as a one-stop service. We are also concerned about the significance of occupational safety, health, and the work environment of employees, customers, and contractors.

Therefore, we set occupational safety,
health, and environment policies
according to the following details.

The company will improve safety management systems, occupational health and work environment in compliance with the laws, international standards, and other relevant regulations applied in order to create an ongoing and sustainable safety culture for employees, customers, and contractors.


The company regards safety as a duty and responsibility for all employees. Supervisor at all levels must act as role models and leaders who support and promote employees to recognize work safety. They must also monitor the operation of employees, customers, and contractors to ensure the rules and regulations of safety and occupational health are being strictly followed for the safest work environment in all operational procedures.


The company will encourage and support the participation of employees, customers, and contractors for the implementation of safety, occupational health, and work environment.


The company considers the importance of protection and risk assessment of danger and environmental impact. All possible approaches will be carried out to ensure that the protection procedures and risk management are executed efficiently.


The company will educate and familiarize employees at all levels to always acknowledge safety, occupational health, and work environment at all times.


The company will follow up and evaluate the implementation in compliance with the policy of safety, occupational health and work environment-as per regulations set in the annual work plans-In order to generate serious implementation and efficiency.


The company will provide appropriate resources, i.e., budgets, time, personal and other related resources for the implementation systems, occupational health and work environment.