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Job Vacancies

Thermo Tracer Co.,Ltd.

The company was founded by assembling a group of engineering professionals, ranging from associate engineers to professional engineers and senior professional engineers in electrical engineering. We provide a one-stop service in electrical engineering, with modern tools and technology for customers’ ultimate electrical safety and security. We are a master of electrical inspection and training, testing, high – low voltage maintenance and design as a one-stop service.


Welfare benefit

  1. Bonus
  2. Allowance
  3. Health insurance
  4. Accident insurance
  5. Commission
  6. Employee uniform
  7. Breakfast – Lunch
  8. Annual travel
  9. Express loan
  10. Social security
  11. Provident fund
  12. Work on Monday – Friday and the 1st Saturday of the month.

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Job Vacancies

Electrical engineer

Job description

1. Electrical system inspection with infrared camera, corona camera
2. High voltage – low voltage electrical system testing / ACB Test
3. Control maintenance work of high-voltage and low-voltage electrical systems.
4. Energy measurement / Energy conservation

5 positions

1. Male or female
2. Bachelor’s degree of Engineering (Electrical and Power Electronics Engineering Technology) or Bachelor of Industrial Education (Electrical)
3. Enthusiastic
4. Able to use Autocad program will be an advantage.
5. Welcome new graduates.

Sales Coordinate

Job description

1. Follow up with customers to offer inspection services and annual electrical system maintenance.
2. Project coordination
3. Make a good relationships with customers.
4. Monthly sales reports

5 Positions

1. Male or female
2. Bachelor’s degree
3. Enthusiastic and honest
4. Good human relationship & service minds.
5. Good communication skills.
6. Welcome new graduates.


Job description

1. Perform inspection-testing work High-low voltage electrical systems or other work according to daily work plans strictly. (Mon – Fri)
2. Perform inspection-testing work High-low voltage electrical systems or other work according to daily work plans strictly. (Sat -Sun or Public Holiday)
3. Perform other duties according to the daily plan.
4. Prepare before-after thermal photos, according to the specified period.
5. Prepare a draft report and send it to the supervising engineer.
6. Record work performance in your own daily work file and send it to your supervisor.
7. Attend weekly department meetings.
8. Prepare cars, equipment, tools, and testing machines before going out to work.
9. Store cars, equipment, tools, and testing equipment after finished any work.
10. Other tasks as assigned

1. Male, age 27-35
2. Vocational Certificate in Electrical & Power Electronics
3. Have at least 2 years of experience working in the electrical jobs.
4. Passed the indoor electrician test, level 1 (special consideration)
5. Not afraid of working at heights.
6. Able to drive a car and must have a driver’s license.
7. Have a basic knowledge about quality management system standards (ISO 9001).
8. Have a basic knowledge about safety, occupational health and the working environment.
9. No congenital disease.
10. Must have passed military conscription.

Engineering department administration

Job description

1. จัPrepare electrical system inspection reports / electrical system maintenance and others.
2. Store report files before send to customers.
3. Bind the book, put the report in a box and addressed to the recipient.
4. Coordinate with relevant sections.
5. Control the preparation of reports within the time period specified by the company.
6. Control paper usage, printing and photocopying appropriately.
7. Other work in the administrative field.

1. Female, age 20 -35
2. Graduated with a Vocational Certificate. Computer Department or related fields
3. Have at least 1 year of administrative work experience.
4. Use computers and Microsoft programs very well. (word/excel/power point)
5. Can do overtime work in the evening and holidays.
6. Able to work under pressure conditions.
7. Have a leadership skill, able to work well as a team and have an initiative / creativity.

Fill out the information and attach your resume to apply for the job.

Resume attachment file.
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